The Pantry Cabinet: Keeping the Kitchen Neat and Tidy

What is a Pantry Cabinet?

pantry cabinetFloor space is often the biggest hindrance in creating an ideal kitchen. Due to the inadequate room for cabinetry and other furniture, it is not uncommon to find storage spaces crammed with too many items. Such clutter inside the kitchen would often result in increased food preparation time. In order to cutback on the usual rummaging around the kitchen, a pantry cabinet must be installed somewhere near the food preparation area.

A pantry cabinet is a storage unit in which ingredients and utensils for food preparation are conveniently stored. This fixture helps in keeping the items more accessible; thus, eliminating the hassles and delays in preparing meals. Food items such as spices, condiments and cuttlery are neatly stored in shelves and drawers. Basically, a cabinet that serves as a pantry can be classified as either built-in or freestanding.

If the kitchen has an unused space in the cabinetry, the homeowners may simply transform this into a pantry. It is somewhat a more economical choice than buying a separate unit. However, others prefer a freestanding unit that can be moved along, especially during kitchen redecoration. This is ideal for kitchens that do not have any built-in storage space left for creating pantries. A freestanding pantry cabinet can also be situated at one corner of the kitchen or in-between furniture, thereby making a good use of kitchen floor space.

What type of Pantry Cabinet is best for you?

Currently, pantry cabinets are available in different designs and styles. Those who have chosen to incorporate the pantry to the existing kitchen cabinetry can also apply the different layouts for spacesaving. If you are after the aesthetic concerns, it is highly advisable to have a pantry that can be concealed from plain sight, just like in armoires for keeping appliances. This way, there are no adjustments to be made just to maintain the continuous flow of kitchen design. There are pantry storage units that can be purchased for transforming a cabinet that has long been a part of the original kitchen cabinetry. These items can be attached effortlessly behind the cabinet doors. Some of the suggested storage options for built-in cabinets include the sliding shelves, lazy susans and storage baskets.

On the other hand, freestanding pantries also come in a variety of styles. Although these cabinets are basically made of wood, the storage functions of these units still differ from one another. There are the open shelves that practically reveal the food items in store, as well as the fully enclosed drawers that are deep enough to hold bulkier items. Open-shelving cabinets are ideal for those who prefer to pick up stuff without having to pull the doors, although keeping the food items here can pose a little problem. Cabinets that have doors are still more preferred since they can store the food items at required temperature to make them last longer.

Most pantry cabinets have this shelving arrangement wherein the seasonings and spices are suggested to be stored right on top of any other shelves. This is to make sure that the basic ingredients for cooking meals are within easy reach. However, proper pantry organization is still required in order to keep things in handy.

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