Tidying Up the Kitchen with the Use of Pantry Storage

Pantry Storage – Rooms or Freestanding Units

pantry storageKitchens are very much susceptible to messes no matter how regularly they are cleaned. Being the busiest room inside the house, one can expect clutter around the kitchen right after every food preparation. This is due to the fact that there is no adjacent room in most kitchens that can be used for storing away the necessary items. Having a pantry storage can help solve this problem.

Historically, the pantry storage is a separate room near the kitchen wherein food items and cooking equipments are being kept. Often it resembles a walk-in that is properly situated between the dining area and the kitchen. However, due to the inadequate space in most residential areas, pantry as a room became less evident at the turn of the century. It now comes in a form of a cabinet that has organizers for efficient use of space. Most homeowners simply convert their unused cabinet spaces to create pantries. Others who do not have extra cabinets in their kitchens basically opt for freestanding units that are being sold in the market.

Pantry Storage – Making Use of Organizers

Depending on the size and structure, a pantry can hold an assortment of items ranging from groceries to kitchenwares. It is only through proper organization that a pantry can accommodate as much items as needed. In a way, it also serves as a stockroom for food. This is why the pantry is often loaded with food items aside from the everyday kitchen equipments. Cereals, canned goods, cookies and pickled vegetables are just some of the commonly stored food items in pantries.

In most kitchens, it is not quite surprising to find pantries that have overflowing supplies. The lack of organization makes these storage spaces seem too tight to accommodate other important items. However, if the pantry makes use of organizers, the stuffs can still be arranged in a more efficient way regardless of the amount of the initial space.

Pantry Storage – Commonly Installed Organizers

Pantry organizers are special components that are used inside a pantry with the purpose of creating more rooms for various items that need to be stored.  These are mainly compartments and containers that may also include some special mechanisms to provide greater accessibility to the users. Some of the commonly installed organizers in pantries include racks, bins, baskets, turntables, jars, drawers, dividers and stacking shelves.

Of all the frequently used organizers in pantries, the wired rack is the most popular. This is because of its unique metal framework that provides pantry storage for items in a variety of ways. Items can be hanged, stacked or placed side by side in this pantry organizer. Horizontal racks are suitable for pre-made shelves, while the horizontal racks are usually mounted on the cabinet doors.

Some foods must be placed in a cool place to keep them fresh, and this is why pantries in several homes are equipped with a cooling device. Running a cooler in a pantry is not actually required, except when you are storing vegetables and fruits that are highly perishable. It is still best to keep such items inside the fridge. Usually, root crops are among the vegetables that are kept inside a pantry due to their extended shelf life.

Pantry Storage

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